10 Best Toy Drones for Kids UK (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

In today’s day and age, encouraging your kids to go out and play is a task in itself. In this ever-advancing world, kids get most of their entertainment through electronic devices, which can keep them occupied for the entire day. Hence, finding a catalyst to encourage your kids to go out is an approach many parents and guardians have started to indulge in.

Drones are the most popular options for this approach, and are gaining popularity amongst kids because of their chic features and also because they encourage kids to go out and explore their neighbourhood through the bird’s eye of a flying machine.

Drones for kids are available at the convenience of a couple of taps online. But choosing the best drones for kids in UK is a task that should not be taken lightly. For it is the safety of your kids which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Top 4 children’s Toy drones UK Comparison

Our 10 Best Drone for Kids (Detail Review)

We have created a comprehensive guide to help you through the process of choosing the right drone for your kids.


HASAKEE H1 FPV RC DroneThis remote control drone toy is a trendy and eye-catching appliance. With a 2.4 Ghz technology and 6 axis stabilization, this drone is a perfect fit for small kids who want to enjoy their day out flying a swanky looking drone. The drone has an FPV HD camera for taking pictures and videos to cherish later, which can connect directly to your smartphone, providing a live feed. The headless security mode adds an extra feature for easy controlling, as you don’t have to worry about the drone’s direction when in air.



  • High, medium, and low-speed options for beginners and frequent users
  • Altitude hold for drone automatically setting the height limits
  • Easy controller options


  • Charging should be done with an output of less than 1A only
  • Self-assembling might be difficult
  • Flying time is just 8 mins on full charging

2. TOZO Q2020 Drone

TOZO Q2020 DroneThis quadcopter for kids is a very practical choice if you want your kids to have a good learning curve with more things to do with the drone. You can do many tricks with this drone, like 360-degree rolls and flips because of its one key 3D rolling technology. The drone has altitude hold function which allows you to let go of the controller and the drone maintains its position in the air. With a range of 45 metres, this is a fitting choice for all kids.



  • 2.4 Ghz 6 Axis Gyro Flight
  • Altitude hold for over 2 minutes and flight time of over 8 minutes.
  • One key 3D rolling for special effects
  • Headless security mode for better controlling


  • No on/off switch on the drone. You have to disconnect the battery leads
  • Plastic body can break if crashed hardly

3. JoyGeek Mini Drone for Kids

JoyGeek Mini DroneOne of the most popular options in the drone for kids department, this toy drone is a perfect fit for beginners who want to learn and enjoy the process of learning to fly drones. With one key 3D rolling special effects and LED light, this drone has got a swagger of its own. Moreover, with one key return feature, it is very easy to fly and get back. The drone automatically returns to its initial position with a single click.



  • One key return assists in getting back the drone conveniently
  • Break-resistant case helps in avoiding unwanted damages
  • 2.4 Ghz 6 Axis gyroscope makes it easy to operate and do tricks
  • Free batteries with the device and an impressive 10 mins flying time


  • Charging time is over an hour
  • If the drone is at an extreme end of its range, one key return feature doesn’t work

4. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC DroneThis drone helicopter toy lives up to its name. The foldable drone is designed sleekly, with a lot of attractive specs. For instance, it has an App Control System, allowing you to operate it through the app on your smartphone, which is guided through gravity sensor mode. You can even control the speed of this drone through the 4-speed mode functions, from slow to fast.



  • Foldable and flexible, this drone can be carried easily in the back of your pocket.
  • Altitude hold function with a built-in barometer makes it easy to control
  • One key start and landing function makes it easy to lift off and land the drone after pairing with the controller


  • Gravity sensor mode is hard to get a grasp on
  • High-speed winds can hinder with its flight due to its lightweight

5. EACHINE E010 Mini Quadcopter Drone RC Toy Gift for Kids

EACHINE E010 Mini Quadcopter Drone RC ToyAs far as toy drones, this is a good fit for a drone for 5 year old kids. This drone is the perfect choice for small kids who don’t have much idea or experience in operating drones. With flashy LED lights and compass mode to keep it from going astray, this drone keeps the fun and safety elements intact.



  • Compass mode helps in operating it easily from the joystick
  • One key return feature makes it convenient to call the drone back to its original location


  • The flying time of the drone is just 5 minutes
  • The range is just 30 metres

6. H6 Foldable RC Mini Drone

H6 Foldable RC Mini DroneThe foldable and flexible chassis on this drone is a major highlight. Made for kids and beginners, it is a good option for people looking for a drone for 8 year old kids. With the one-stop emergency button, you can avoid any crashes in case it goes out of range or astray. The altitude hold feature makes it easy to control in the air too.



  • The one-stop emergency button helps in avoiding loss of control
  • The foldable structure makes it easy to carry around


  • Charging can only be done through a 1A output
  • Assembling the drone can be a tough process

7. Potensic Mini Drone

Potensic Mini DroneThis drone comes equipped with a tough body and is built for beginners who are learning to operate drones. Your kids won’t have any problem with operating it, as it comes equipped with its altitude mode and headless mode for seamless flying. Moreover, it is very light compared to other drone toys, making it easy to carry around.



  • Detachable batteries are easily available in the market
  • One key takeoff and landing feature makes it easy to land without any crash
  • Out of range alarm


  • Vulnerable to destabilization due to lightweight
  • Batteries not included in the packaging

8. RC Quadcopter Drone,TECKEPIC H36 Mini UFO Drone

RC Quadcopter DroneThis quadcopter drone comes equipped with Headless Mode, which is a major highlight. Through this mode, if the drone reaches over the altitude or out of range, it operated to the opposite direction than what it is being conveyed through the controller. With a 6 axis gyroscope and catchy LEDs, this is a good choice for a drone for 6 year old kids.



  • Headless mode avoids this drone from getting out of sight or lost
  • Lightweight, hence to carry around


  • Not suitable for outdoors due to being lightweight- can be swayed with high-speed winds
  • Fly time is only 4 minutes


This drone is a good companion for kids who want a longer flight time. The drone is equipped with a wide-angled 720p HD FPV camera that can be connected with a smartphone. The altitude hold mode is very advanced, as it has its own barometer that avoids the drone being drifted away from its range.



  • Longer flight time of 15 minutes
  • Headless mode helps in letting the drone stay in a visible range
  • Customized flight route mode helps in flying it in a designed route through the connected smartphone


  • Motors heat up when flown for too long
  • Batteries shouldn’t be charged from over 1A output

10. Ryze Tello Drone (Powered by DJI)

Ryze Tello DroneThis drone is equipped with the best camera apparatus in all the aforementioned drones. The 5 megapixels HD camera comes with multiple photo and video modes. The FPV VR headset compatibility is also a highlight feature for this drone. With 8D slips function, you can easily perform flips and stunts with this drone. The auto-landing feature is the sleekest in its price range, and the “throw and go” mode is very easy to operate for awesome liftoffs.



  • The best camera and camera features in all the aforementioned drones
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • 8D slips function makes it easy to perform various tricks and stunts
  • Multiple modes for liftoff, with each having its own specialty
  • Compatible with a VR headset for FPV experience


  • Charging time is over 1 hour
  • Mastering all its features can be a tough process for many

Safety Guidelines and Legal Requirements for Flying Drones

There are certain sets of rules and recommendations for safety and legality one must follow if flying a drone. These rules, as recommended by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are as follows

  1. You must fly your drone below the altitude of 120 metres.
  2. Always maintain a visual line of sight while flying your drone
  3. Do not fly your drone over people or moving vehicles.
  4. Do not fly the drones near sensitive areas such as electric poles, power stations, government facilities, etc.
  5. Do not click pictures or record videos of areas that come under the expectation of privacy like private properties.

Buying Guide for Buying Drones for Kids in UK

Before buying any drones for your kids, you have to go through each and every single detail about the drone for it to be a safe and long-lasting experience for them. Here are the factors you must consider before buying a drone:

  • Getting familiar with drones

As a guardian, you would want to test things out for safety before giving it to the kids. Make sure that you familiarize yourselves with the drone you buy. This process is usually convenient, as the instructions are simple and learning to fly a drone is a process that doesn’t take much time.Once you have yourself learnt how to fly a drone, it will make it easier to teach the kids, and resolve any issues if they face any. Moreover, it’ll also help you understand the nits and grits of the parts of a drone, as you’ll have to charge the batteries, in some cases assemble the drone first, and even understand the various functions in a controller.

  • The type of drone

One of the major confusions that many people have before buying a drone is the type. Especially for kids, choosing the right type of drone is an essential part of the decision. Whether you’re going to buy a racing drone sport drones or just simple toy drones, it is important to determine the type before buying. If your children have a grasp on flying drones and need it for something extra like performing tricks or capturing pictures and videos, sport drones would be an ideal fit. If your kids are just beginners and want to learn to fly a drone and have fun with it, toy drones are the right choice. If your kids are already acquainted with using drones and want it for tricks and speed, racing drones would be the right choice.Always analyze the purpose for buying the drones, to select the right one. Mainly, for kids, selecting from toy drones is an ideal choice, but it limits the number of things they can do with this type. The learning curve for flying drones and doing multiple things with them goes high if you buy a sport drone for your kids, as they have beginner level and expert level options integrated into them, allowing your kids to learn flying them first, and then do amazing things with them.

  • Features

Features are a key element for any device. Nowadays, kids get easily bored and saturated from basic features. Once they have used the drone for a couple times and figured out the basic features like navigating, landing, and taking off, they would want to do something new, or the drone will collect dust in the attic.

Before choosing the drone, you can look and compare for the various features available in the drones of the same price range. For instance, if a drone has Altitude Hold features, go further and see if it is a general holding feature, or does the drone also has its own barometer for a more safe and secure flying. This helps in avoiding any damages that the drone might get which could have been avoided with this feature.

Alternatively, you can compare the features in terms of their usage. Most of the drones have 6 axis stabilization, but some of these drones have the extra feature of 360 rotation, which is very common in quadcopters. This allows your kids to have a little bit more fun with performing tricks and stunts with the drones.

Another feature to look out for is the strength of the drone. Drones are impervious to crashes, but are they strong enough to survive these crashes? Looking for drones with strong and sturdy materials that help in avoiding damages for cases like landing mishappenings or getting struck to a wall is important, because it is bound to happen. Drones with weak material won’t last for long, and will ultimately increase your spending.

Flight time is also an element that can’t be ignored. How long can the drone last in the air with a full charge? The answer to that should be at least 6 minutes. Kids fly drones for various purposes, but the one common ground is that they all want to fly these drones for as long as they can. More flight time means more fun for the kids.

GPS function is also an important feature, especially for the kids as they tend to fly the drone away from the range. The return feature is based on GPS, which helps the drone to come back and land at its original location. Moreover, this feature provides additional things kids can do with the drone like mapped flying.

  • Checking Warranty and product description

Before buying the drone, you must also check what items are included in the box, and what aspects of the device does the warranty covers. In many cases drones do not come with the batteries. Knowing this beforehand, you won’t have to be confused when you receive the product, and can buy the batteries or chargers separately. Also, checking the product description is as important, as in many cases the drones have batteries that can only be charged by using certain outlets like outlets with an electrical output of 1A. This will help you in avoiding any mishaps of dysfunctional parts.


  1. How high can drones fly?
    Toy drones usually have the range of 50 metres vertically. In some cases, this range can be 60-75 metres.
  2. How do drones work?
    The aviation of drones happen because of the motor, which helps propel the blades which provide enough air pressure for lifting off.
  3. What are drones used for?
    Drones are usually used for recreational activities like performing tricks, taking aerial photos and videos, races, etc.
  4. Where can you fly drones?
    Drones can be flown inside and outside houses. It is recommended to fly drones that don’t breach the privacy of areas such as private properties.
  5. What frequency do drones use?
    Most drones use the frequency of 900 Mhz, but drones operating from WiFi usually operate on the frequency of .4 Ghz.
  6. How to stop drones from flying over your house uk?
    In the UK you’re not allowed to fly drones within 50m of people or property without permission. If done, you can report it to the concerned authorities.


As learned through this guide, there are a lot of elements that go into choosing the right drone for your kids. Once you have understood the features and functions of a drone, you can go ahead and check if it is legal to fly drones in your area through the local aviation authorities’ rules and regulations.

The interest of kids in aerial devices is escalating day by day. The toy drone industry has seen an exponential surge in requirements in the past decade, and has been putting out various cheap options for parents and guardians to choose from. Finding the best cheap drones in UK for your kids, although a heavy task, is worth the effort. Not only does your kid get the joy of flying a drone, but also gets an opportunity to learn a lot of other things too like operating aerial cameras, learning new tricks, handling a controller, and much more.

Make sure to go through our buying guide and choose the best cheap drone available in the UK for your kids from our provided options that best for your kids’ needs.